Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Pop star who had gone away

The lights spread on the stage
On a perfect spot
A human figure comes into
the light, and then
Suddenly the drums
Start to beat and
The guitars start to roll
The keyboard’s sound pierces
The audience cheers very loud,
And then the human figure lifts up the mike.

Then starts the fantastic song
And the drums beat along
The electric guitar hums
But the audience does not keep mum
Because they are too much rocked
Everyone lifts up their hands and starts to sing
And for an hour the pop star
Sings the rocking song
And after the show he goes into his
B.M.W, a beautiful and stylish car.

The fans run behind the car
Asking for an autograph
But the pop star opened the power window
And simply spit on one of his fans
Who had been disturbing him whenever he goes for a program (disturbing by asking autograph)
The man who was his fan cursed him
And years later when he had
Lost his fame he came to be a very sad person
His head had got a twist
He had gone a little mad and tried to kill his son

And how dreadful !
He got a chance for a program
And it was a chance to regain
His fame ,but the curse of
One of his fans worked and
The day before
He went for the program
Unfortunately , he died
Many people cried but nothing can be done
Because he is no more in this world.

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  1. Very nice poem... keep writing !! Good Luck !! :) :)